Hi, I'm Emily Cooper. I'm a mental health therapist and fellow anxious person. 

I started Dealing with Feelings with the intention of creating clothing that is relatable, comfortable, and funny. My first design, the "anxious" shirt, was something I always wanted made for myself. I thought it would be funny because it's true, I am a very anxious person. And something about stating it so blatantly in a society so wrapped up in hiding your mental health problems just hit a chord with me. So, I had one made and I wore it around.

The response was wild! People were messaging me, asking me where I got it, saying how much they loved it, how much they related to it, etc. So, I decided to just open a store and create a whole line of clothing that is cute and cozy, but also makes a statement and starts important conversations. 

This clothing is created with the intention of laughing at anxiety and all the dumb stuff it makes us do. I know I have personally: had panic attacks when my fire alarm went off, barricaded my front door with a chair, and sat and watched a pizza bake for 10 minutes without blinking. RIDICULOUS stuff, I tell you! But... that's anxiety! It's ridiculous! It doesn't make logical sense. It's a faulty alarm system telling us there is danger when there is none. It's dumb and it deserves to be made fun of! Humor has always been a huge coping skill of mine, and I want that to be easily accessed in the designs I create. 

I love being a therapist and helping people, but I also love being creative and this shop is my dream! I mean, what better combo than creativity for mental health?!

Thanks for being here and for joining the fight in de-stigmatizing mental health. If there's anything I've learned during my time as a therapist, it's that no one is "normal". Mental health affects EVERYONE and the sooner we can start normalizing these conversations the better.


Emily Cooper