Hi, and thanks for visiting this page! I know transparency is important and wanted to tell you a little bit about where my values are at with this little company. 

All packaging is eco-friendly. The large mailers are compostable, and the small mailers are recyclable in thin film bins. 

All products are made in the USA at a wholesaler that is earth conscious; through recycling water used in their dyes to recycling fabric that can't be made into clothing.

All products are unisex. 

Although my manufacturers have higher prices for larger sized items, all sizes in this shop are priced the same. 

Right now, this shop is very small and run by one person (me!). I hope one day to grow it to the point where I can afford to get all the pieces custom manufactured (instead of buying from wholesalers). At that point, I can have control over the sizes offered, colors, cut, etc.

I am always open to improving and if you have any feedback or concerns, please email me at


Emily Cooper